What is Social Media?

Social Media

Social media trends are one of those things that you either know a lot about or absolutely nothing about, there’s no in between. You’d be surprised as to what is categorized as social media, sites like Facebook and other means like LinkedIn (which are both used to build connections either in your local community or in a certain business industry) are social media. If you have a profile on one you’re essentially part of the entire “grid”, which is what I’m going to refer the entire social media community as (for now anyways). If you didn’t have a Facebook page you wouldn’t be able to make those long lost connections that you’re used to making, and that could impact people in more than one way. As a society we need to communicate with other humans in order to function properly, especially if they happen to mean a lot to us. If you haven’t seen your mother in a few years there’s better way to start the day off then to actually have a conversation with her? Personal connections aren’t the only thing that social media has improved upon, because there are so many different daily applications that can make use of social media that it isn’t even funny.

social media sites

Think about this, celebrities and sports stars now have the ability to personally interact with their fans, they aren’t just signing autographs and taking pictures, they’re taking the time to read what their fans have to say and then reply with a personal opinion. When somebody so popular takes the time out of their day to actually reply to their fans it’s a brilliant sight, it lets us know that they actually care and they actually connect with their fans as much as possible. Of course there are going to be celebrity accounts that are clearly run by a campaign manager or something, but there are those out there who genuinely enjoy being on social media for themselves. As if that weren’t enough there’s also the news factor side of the entire argument, which is where social media really shines. Whenever there is some sort of breaking news social media is going to spread the news like wild fire, it’s actually much more efficient than most news programs because it’s essentially controlled by the user.

News programs on TV usually take a long period of time to get the information ready for the air, while social media is ready within a few characters. As soon as one reputable source tweets about a story it can go viral through trends and other means on Twitter, and even through Facebook and other things like that. We all follow our favourite celebrities on Twitter and Facebook, but getting news straight to our timeline through these platforms is just as beneficial. You get to learn about the things occurring in the world before anybody else, and it’s honestly the most efficient way of delivering information (and it has been for quite some time now!).

Social Media & Businesses

Social media is especially useful for both reputable and aspiring business alike, because there’s no better way to build your brand than through the use of social media. Not only can you keep current consumers updated with the kind of products you have to offer, but you can also reach out and try build a larger clientele through social media too. You can hold contests or things along the lines of that to draw attention to your brand, and you can run them through social media platforms to make sure that the message is heard by a decent amount of people. If there’s thing that social media handles incredibly well its word of mouth, and if you’re providing a high quality service or product you’re going to see results.

If you see a tweet or a funny video shared by one of your friends on Facebook you’re obviously going to either like, comment on it or maybe even share it. The whole time you don’t realize that you’re actually attributing the livelihood of social media, and since so many people are used to doing things like that by now it means social media is used quite often in modern society. Trying to say social media isn’t important would be like saying TV channels or news stations aren’t important, and in some cases there are instances of social media saving lives.

As a business you need to be willing to grow and expand as the world does, and if you don’t you’re going to get left behind; it’s as simple as that. Sometimes I wish it were different because there are certain aspects of the “old times” that I really did enjoy, but technology is advancing and that means business have to advance with it. Without a social media presence online you’re going to miss out on so many opportunities for your business that it’s kind of ridiculous, there’s so much money to be made on the internet that business are completely re-inventing themselves in order to appeal to people. If you aren’t one of these business you’d better hope that you’re ready for the next big advancement, because if you aren’t you’re definitely not going to be around for the first quarter. As much as it pains me to say it, technology is taking over, and now it’s only a matter of time before every single business you know changes alongside it.

This isn’t a bad thing at all, as a matter of fact it’s actually fantastic for businesses. The better the technology gets the more opportunities we’ll have to capitalize on the market, so just make sure that you read up on the new things regarding social media on a consistent basis. How many business have built themselves from the ground up through social media? There are tons of music labels and clothing distributors that have done it, so what makes you so different? There’s no reason to not be on social media these days, so get


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